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Fat Release Pack

This kit is weight loss in a box! All natural products that aid effective weight loss.  Money saving deal!  ON SALE! FREE SHIPPING

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This Perfect 4 Weight Maintenance + Bonus will release fats, boost your energy, and replenish the nutrients in your body. It contains a zero calories and carbs sweetener that leaves no bitter aftertaste, e-AGF, and Vitamin D 3 cream that helps to restore your skin as your body takes a new shape.  Plus a bonus free item...Inulin to enhance fat burn.

Caution:  Do not exceed recommended doses. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using these or any dietary supplement. 

Information within this site is for educational purposes only. Statements about the products efficacy have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned within are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Disclaimer: Neither the remedies in this kit or the description thereof should be used as a replacement for medical advice. This program is based upon A.T.W. Simeons' protocol called "Pounds and Inches." The phrase "lose 26 pounds in 26 days" is a typical but not guaranteed result when sticking strictly to the instructions and Dr. A.T.W. Simeons' protocol. Currently there are no known side effects to homeopathic remedies and medicines, but as with any weight management program, we recommend that you consult with a doctor before starting this diet. If you have any swelling, shortness of breath, dizziness or other out of the ordinary symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.