Since the 1990's scientists and medical practitioners have recorded that free radical damage was related to a wide variety of medical problems such as skin deterioration, cancer, heart disease, vision loss and essentially every chronic radicals provoke a harmful chain reaction:  Free radicals are dangerous because they don't just damage one molecule. One free radical can set off a whole chain reaction; when a free radical oxidizes a fatty acid, it changes that fatty acid into a free radical, which then damages another fatty acid. It's a very rapid chain reaction.  Ultimately, this avalanche can stress and deplete the effectiveness of the immune system, which puts society at a high risk of developing a number of diseases along with everything from Alzheimer's to cancer. Antioxidants such as polyphenols are in high demand because research continues to show that people who do not include antioxidants in their diet and through natural interventions are at greater risk for developing these types of free radical related chronic conditions.

Polyphenols, being the active substances found in many medicinal plants, have a significant effect on many enzymes and cell receptors which can reduce the risk and impact of free radicals to which we are exposed from the sun, air pollution, contaminated foods, toxic medications, cleansers and beauty products,etc..

Many essential oils, natural skin and beauty products, and other natural plants have powerful antioxidant properties that can restore cells, and help the immune system become effective again.

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